Contenu des interventions 2018

Cloud computing : what will change with GDPR

How to link SOCS and Crisis Management

Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) and Business Recovery Plans (BRPs) put to the test


Cyber Threats Intelligence : what is its real added value ?


Should hack back be authorized for private corporations

KYC and cyber security should clients, partners and providers now be assessed

Wanacry and NotPetya feedback

Darknets and Darknauts


Which dashboards to address your executive committee

Capacity building international cooperation put to the test

The NIS and critical infrastructure : how to ensure compliance


The possibility of safe and secure smart cities

Which innovative approches for a robust soc-based cyberdefense


Training and practice: how to develop and maintain know-how and interpersonal skills


DevOps : Can we reconcile security and speed ?

CTI: how do we make it operational ?

Engie Ineo: Retex of industrial is audits on the 3S Model: sensitizing, securing, supervising


Amazon Web Sservices: cloud security at AWS is the highest priority. Learn how to protect your data with cloud-powered security

Rationality, Nudges & Cybersecurity


How International Cooperation can deal with Ransomware

Agora Parlementaire


How do we harmonize our certification outlines to reconcile different requirement levels

Security by design, a new commercial and industrial imperative


Cyber-Jihadism : public/private cooperation put to the test

CTI how far can we go back up the «cyber kill chain»


GDPR : Instructions for Compliance

How to outsource your SOC


The NIS and critical infrastructure : how to ensure compliance

Are connected objects the « Weakest Links » of cyber resilience ?


Should we fear the balkanization of the internet

Which innovative approches for a robust soc-based cyberdefense

Digital Life : Local Authorities on the front line


Using Agile Security with Red Teaming and Bug Bounty


Digital Identity : how do we share roles ?

PhilosoFIC : Predictive Algorithms


Microsoft: Cloud et chiffrement, amis ou ennemis ?

Detection is dead

The untold story about threat intelligence: how MISP became a significant open source threat intelligence platform and open standards for information sharing