Associated Event – OSINT

The different branches of cybersecurity rely on a prior or post-mortem need for intelligence. This information is useful for incident response, during the preparation of Red Team actions… To complete the “technical” research capabilities on infrastructures, a complementary discipline is also used on other layers of the networks, it is called OSINT (Open Source INTelligence).

Beyond applications to cybersecurity issues, OSINT investigation methodologies are applied in other contexts such as the corporate world, institutions and the journalistic world.

In France, this discipline has existed for many years and is structured by different communities of professionals and enthusiasts, each with their own specificities, drawing their differences in approach from the training and experience of their members.

The OSINT and Investigations Day aims to communicate the business benefits of OSINT methodologies and technical solutions.

It should allow professionals, enthusiasts and those who are curious about OSINT to come and present their know-how, and to attend the RETEX presentations.

The first OSINT & Investigation Day will be held in June 2022 at the CIF.