Call for papers

Are you a researcher, a PhD student or a professional? Do you wish to contribute to the FIC2020? Please feel free to submit articles that could be published and distributed during the event!

Conditions of participation

  • This call for contribution is open to everyone, strictly on an individual basis or on behalf of a non-profit organization, university or research organization ;

  • Submitted articles must comply with applicable copyright regulation and be original publications.


Submissions must contain:
  • A title
  • An executive summary of 2 to 3000 characters
  • A full article of 10 to 15 000 characters


Articles may be submitted in either English or French. We will translate them and publish them in both languages.


Each submission must fall within one of the following themes:

International Stability and Security
  • Norms of responsible behavior
  • Mechanisms of Collective Security
  • Capacity building
  • The geopolitics of the Internet
  • BGP and DNS security
  • Information Sharing Mecanisms (ISACs...)
  • The role of Europe
  • GAFAs and regulation
  • Identifying and attributing attacks

Fight against cybercrime
  • International Conventions (Budapest, Malabo...)
  • Investigations and smartphones
  • Contents Moderation and Control
  • Law enforcement by design
  • Cloud Act and E-evidence
  • Acknowledging Victims
  • Attacker profiles and operating procedures
  • Internal Threats
  • E-Commerce and illegal products
  • Darknet and darknauts
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Phishing and whaling

Digital Security and Data protection
  • Digital Sovereignty
  • Multi-cloud approaches
  • Corporate Data governance
  • Data geolocation
  • Data archiving and cleansing
  • Data leak detection
  • GDPR : good practices
  • Data related Occupations
  • DPOs : Roles and prerogatives
  • Data Taxonomy
  • Data life cycle

Operational Security
  • The role of communities (bug bounty, open source...)
  • API Security
  • Visualization, orchestration and automatization
  • SOC and artificial intelligence
  • SOC and collaborative working
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Continuous Certification and Qualification
  • Acceptability of security measures
  • EDR Technologies
  • Passwordless Authentication
  • Zero trust Architecture
  • IoT Security

Cyber-risks management
  • Awareness raising and training
  • Users Empowerment and Accountability
  • Cyber Rating
  • Cyber Inssurance
  • Dynamic Compliance (CARTA)
  • Crisis Management
  • Resilience and Business Continuity
  • Downgraded mode
  • Cybersecurity and Executive Board
  • Skills Management and cybersecurity


  • Call for contribution open until 30/09
  • Examination by the FIC scientific committee in early October
  • Feedback to authors mid-october
  • Selected articles will be published and distributed during FIC
  • Some authors, whose article may be selected or not, may also be offered to speak at FIC.

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