FIC Challenges

In 2020, FIC challenges were :

  • 2 Forensic challenges organised by CDAISI and EPITA
  • A unique challenge, Capture.The.Fic, co-organised by the Hexpresso team
  • Nearly 350 participants and 1,200 online competitors during the CTF pre-qualification phase
  • Sponsors and supports like Sopra Steria, Manhattan, Ec-Council, HS2…

For 2021, FIC is evolving and will organise a real eSport event mixing hacking and artificial intelligence challenges.

They will take place on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 January 2021 and will take the form of 4 competitions:
  • 1 Forensic challenge
  • 1 CTF
  • 1 evening of gaming / eSport competition
  • 1 Artificial Intelligence challenge

2020 edition were conducted in partnership with

Under the patronage of the French Cyberdefence Reserves

And the support of

An event
organized by


With the support of

Last editions