EC2 - European Cyber Cup is the first eSport competition dedicated to hacking which will take place on 20 and 21 January in Lille Grand Palais, during the FIC. On 1500m2, you will find a competition area dedicated to challenges and recruitment in cybersecurity, an entertainment village and schools.
The challenges are divided in several contests :
Wednesday 20 January:
  • 1 FORENSIC challenge organised by EPITA
  • 1 CTF organised by Hexpresso Team
  • 1 BUG BOUNTY challenge organised by Yes We Hack
  • 1 ESPORT/ GAMING evening opened to public with a concert
Thursday 21 January:
  • 1 IA challenge organised by Quantmetry
  • 1 OSINT challenge organised by School of Economic War
  • 1 BUG BOUNTY challenge organised by Yes We Hack
 20 teams will compete in these different contests, each contest bringing points to one’s team.
10 teams with students from 10 partner schools and sponsored by FIC partner companies. The company sponsors a team of players from one of our partner schools.
10 teams with cybersecurity professionnals.
Each team is composed of 5 to 10 players.
At the end of the challenges, an overall ranking will be established to elect the 3 best teams.
Students or professionals, to register to this unique competition in Europe, contact us :

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