FIC Side Events

For several years, the FIC has engaged a strategy of "festivalisation" with the organisation of several parallel thematic events during the show:


The ID Forum is the first event in France specifically dedicated to the development of digital identity. Bringing together all the key public and private players in the field, the event is designed as a platform for networking and meetings between solution providers, government contractors and major private customers. The objectives of the ID Forum are to debate and address the major political, strategic, operational, economic, industrial and usage issues related to digital identity in France and Europe in a decompartmentalized manner.



The Institut National pour la Cybersécurité et la Résilience des Territoires (IN.CRT) will co-organize the Cyber.Territoires 2021 side event on Tuesday 8th June during FIC 2021.
Infos and registration via this link.

CORIIN (Conférence de Réponse aux Incidents et Investigation Numérique)

Organized on the first day of the FIC, the seventh edition of this unique conference in France will be dedicated to incident response and digital investigation techniques.
This day will allow specialized investigators, forensic experts, researchers from the academic or industrial world, lawyers, incident response specialists or CERTs to share and exchange on the techniques of the moment.
The ambition of this conference is to gather this still disparate community around quality technical or legal presentations, selected by our program committee.

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e.Consumer Protection Forum : Fighting illicit trade and protecting the digital economy

Organized in partnership with the Association de Lutte contre le Commerce Illicite (ALCCI), this event brings together all public and private actors concerned by the security of electronic commerce and the fight against illicit e.commerce, whether it concerns tangible or intangible goods. Fighting e.commerce means both attacking the supply side, i.e. detecting and prohibiting illicit sales, and freeing demand from its grip. The first action targets the illicit seller to identify him through surveillance and investigation in order to be able to remove him from the electronic space. The second is aimed at the buyer to ensure, through traceability, the authenticity, quality and honest origin of the product.

To initiate a virtuous dynamic, the event has 4 ambitions:
To contribute to a shared awareness leading the public authorities to measure the seriousness and specificity of the situation in order to adapt the legal means;
Strengthen the mobilization of law enforcement services through better coordination, a revitalized public/private partnership and the implementation of means adapted to the evolution of e-commerce;
Mobilize victimized businesses to detect and counter illicit sales. This commitment must also be made by the operators of electronic marketplaces that may unwittingly host illicit sellers;
Improve awareness and contribute to the development of technological solutions to improve on the one hand the detection and blocking of illicit sales and on the other hand the direct authentication of products by the consumer.

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